Almost Kinda Sorta Famous

Before I joined the ranks of Corporate America, I was your typical LA teenager who aspired to have a career in the arts: I was going to be a screenwriter, I was going to make short films that had substance, and I would be the guitarist or bassist in a band that would be well known across Southern California. I started prepping myself for my chosen path: I took lessons at McCabe’s (where I would meet my long-term crush), I took scriptwriting classes, I took film history classes, I had small notebooks on me to draft ideas for scripts/songs…I even trekked out to the New York Film Academy for a quick tour of the campus. My compromise for a lack of “academic standing” would be to go to Tisch.

Unfortunately, things changed during college. I hated my scriptwriting teacher (she announced to the class on the first day that her Production partner went ahead with a project she had no faith in and lost $1 million out of her own pocket), my film history exams read like Jeopardy! questions, and band auditions were not what they were made out to be (but that’s what I get for answering Craigslist ads). My retail job was sucking the life out of me, so you can bet I answered the door when Corporate America came a-knocking.

But anywho!

Sometime last year I caught a glipse of this in an issue of Flavorpill. Usually I don’t pay attention to those ads, and the band’s picture didn’t ring any bells, but there was something familiar about the name Karabal Nightlife. So I went through my old blog to see if I had posted about a show of theirs.

It turns out I’ve never been to any of their shows.

Because I’d actually been solicited to do an audition back in 2004. And that email went a little bit something like this:

My names [band manager] and I am managing the L.A. rock band, the Karabal Nightlife. At this time, Karabal is looking for a permanent replacement bassist. The band has just finished recording their first EP and are eager to find a third member so that they can start playing out, etc.
I saw your profile here on [Make Out Club] and I was wondering if you would be interested, as we are currently setting up auditions. You can hear some rough demos at:
If you are interested, please get back to me at [bandmanager]@[email].com. Hope that you like what you hear.
[band manager person]
Manager, Karabal Nightlife
Editor, WAKE Zine

I did go to the audition but it wasn’t great. My self-esteem dropped a bit when I finished. Here I’d been called on by a band, and I couldn’t sell it!

However, the lead singer’s parting words made me feel a lot better about not becoming their fourth person: the manager was the lead singer’s girlfriend.

No thank you.

Back to my original topic (which was seeing the band name in my inbox again)! The makeup of the band had changed: it used to be 4 guys, but from the looks of the picture it’s now cut down to 1 guy and 2 girls. And kind of indie dream-pop looking. I knew I was better off not being a part of that band.

I’m a much cooler person learning how to play the ukulele and working my way to becoming a blogger who has a readership in the teens.

But somewhere in my brain (and my heart), that could have been me in the band pic, playing a local venue and asking all of my friends to pitch in $5 and watch.

    • TKN
    • August 3rd, 2009 5:39pm

    Quite sorry if our upstart gang of…um… “dream poppers” (although the description is indeed foreign to us) stepped on your toes at some point… Just as you apparently found it interesting to come upon that Flavorpill ad, so is it somewhat intriguing for us to be reading this blog entry…So…

    We’d like to invite you to our next show…think of it as a friendly gesture of sorts. This Saturday. August 8, 2009…at the American Legion Hall.

    Like you said, a local venue.

    AND it’s only $3… not even 5.

    You might even find that we are “ready to rock”


    • theletterkae
    • August 3rd, 2009 8:29pm

    Haha! Thanks for even reading this blog post.

    There are no hard feelings – in fact, I found it an incredible coincidence that a band I had auditioned for back in the day would come back via Flavorpill. A lot of the bands I had auditioned for back in the day have now quietly moved to North Carolina or faded out.

    It’s great to see that you guys have a website going. And I am truly humbled that you took the time to respond to my “angry” rant. :)