That’s How I Roll

I’m short. There’s no denying that. At a little cocktail party I attended in April I saw a few people, startled a few people (being short does that), and met a few new people. Unfortunately I missed some others who were in attendance that I didn’t see and who didn’t see me.

In my attempts to make myself a bit easier to see, I try to add some zazz by mixing it up with my accessories. I had a hard time keeping up once platform shoes started going out of style and nearly made an investment in something similar to this floral hairpiece just to make a statement (and this would be my everyday piece – the formal wear would be much bigger with more feathers/flowers).

I’ve always found it kind of cheesy to have those rings that have a word stamped over four of your fingers and occasionally covered with diamonds. However, I’m slowly being turned to the dark side because of this link. You really can’t make much more of a statement than that, especially if you choose to have it personalized.

Imagine, if you will, my fingers with “theletterk” in classic girlish script for all to see. Although it probably isn’t shiny enough to be considered bling, I’ve got a vision of a crowded room with a tiny hint of light that comes about 4 feet off the ground. That will be me.

I’m also relishing the idea of having my name running across a cheek, the result of a fist to the face when a stranger attempts to cop a feel without asking.

  1. Obviously you should get it in mirror writing. For face punching purposes.

  2. I wish I could find good pop music too. Or good music for that matter.

  3. But then I might have the urge to start punching people in the face. And that’s just not very lady-like.

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