On the Road Again

Getting a car to replace another car is hard work. First you’ve got to wait a couple of weeks for the insurance checks to come in, then you have to find the car, and then you have to wait for the insurance checks to clear so you can buy said car.

promo photo

Mind you, it’s been worth it. I’m still a bit nervous being out on the road (yesterday being the farthest I’ve driven since the accident), but I think the new car and I will get along fine.

Jamison has been naming his cars since I’ve known him. His Jetta was Baby, his Audi was Helga, and his BMW is Ebony. He dubbed my car Crayola (for that crayon smell my interior had), and I knew I had to think of a name for this car before he had a chance. I’ve settled on Zeke, after my surrogate grandpa.

And no, this car does not smell like crayons.

  1. Yay for your new Zeke-car!

    • Neuralstatic
    • June 7th, 2009 7:03pm

    Sprechen zeke?

  2. Great, now I can’t name my unborn child Zeke. It’s ruined. Fuck.

    Enjoy Zeke for me now! :P

  3. my friend has that exact same car and LOVES it to death.

  4. I named my car after someone named Zvokel, so you can’t really blame me.

    Besides, I’d love to tell people that you named your future child after my car. :D

  5. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I’ve got to admit. Sure, lots of hipsters have a Jetta, but I feel like I’ve taken a step in becoming a grown up.

    You know, ’cause all my friends can now open their own doors instead of waiting for me to get out.

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