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Happy [Belated] Anniversary!

I never remembered my parents’ wedding anniversary. My mom takes offense, but I always have to remind her, “I wasn’t there.” So I’m going to make up for it now.

Yesterday my parents celebrated their 35th. In light of the recent (and over-publicized) split between Jon and Kate, it seems amazing that they’ve stayed together for that long. Add the two years they dated before getting married, and it seems even more incredible.

All because a girl on vacation in Hawaii thought the Front Desk manager was cute.


Their plans after they got married were as follows:

1. Get a house.
Old Photo

2. Get a dog.
Old Photo

3. Have a kid.

A Close Call

I’ve been mentally holding my breath for the past month since the accident.

After all my bruises and scrapes healed, I thought I was well on the road to mental and physical recovery.

Then I discovered a small bump near my left hip where the bruises had been.

First visit to the doctor left the bump uncategorized; she possibly thought it was something that had been there for a while. That meant an ultrasound, which lead the radiologist and the doctor to believe I had a blood clot. This turned into a CT scan because they wanted to rule out the possibility of cancer.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t cancer. Dementia and Alzhiemer’s my family is prone to, but not cancer. But still…

Nothing like having to wait for nearly a week for the doctor to call back with the results. And, Murphy’s Law, she called on a Friday afternoon, which means I didn’t get it until after the office closed.

Which means I have to sit through the weekend to find out what’s going on.

And was delayed a day because my doctor was not in the office on Mondays.

In short, they don’t see anything potentially life threatening: no fluids, no blood, no cysts. If anything happens to pop up, I just schedule an appointment for a checkup.

It’s like Bette Midler sang about a quarter of the way through “Beaches”: Got no diamonds/got no wealth. Got no man/but I got my health.

David Sedaris @ Barnes and Noble

Is anyone going to this?


I’m not sure what kind of crowd it will be, seeing as he’s coming to the B&N at the Grove, but it might be worth it. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

Not Something I Relish

It’s funny, but it’s been a little bit difficult to keep my head up these days. First my car accident, then a new car. My laptop died, and it’s taking forever for a new one to be produced (Dell is short on parts [so they say]). And now I’ll be moving back in with my parents for a short amount of time.

Just this Friday my roommate announced that she preferred her independence during my absence and has asked me to move out.

So kiddos, by the start of next month, I’ll be back in Culver City proper.

But not before making a quick escape out of LA. It’ll be good to get a different brand of smoggy air for a couple of days, and I’ll be working on renewing some old friendships.

McDonald’s Is Bigger Than I Thought

It never ceases to amaze me that this is the picture with the most views from my Flickr account:

Day 136

That’s How I Roll

I’m short. There’s no denying that. At a little cocktail party I attended in April I saw a few people, startled a few people (being short does that), and met a few new people. Unfortunately I missed some others who were in attendance that I didn’t see and who didn’t see me.

In my attempts to make myself a bit easier to see, I try to add some zazz by mixing it up with my accessories. I had a hard time keeping up once platform shoes started going out of style and nearly made an investment in something similar to this floral hairpiece just to make a statement (and this would be my everyday piece – the formal wear would be much bigger with more feathers/flowers).

I’ve always found it kind of cheesy to have those rings that have a word stamped over four of your fingers and occasionally covered with diamonds. However, I’m slowly being turned to the dark side because of this link. You really can’t make much more of a statement than that, especially if you choose to have it personalized.

Imagine, if you will, my fingers with “theletterk” in classic girlish script for all to see. Although it probably isn’t shiny enough to be considered bling, I’ve got a vision of a crowded room with a tiny hint of light that comes about 4 feet off the ground. That will be me.

I’m also relishing the idea of having my name running across a cheek, the result of a fist to the face when a stranger attempts to cop a feel without asking.

On the Road Again

Getting a car to replace another car is hard work. First you’ve got to wait a couple of weeks for the insurance checks to come in, then you have to find the car, and then you have to wait for the insurance checks to clear so you can buy said car.

promo photo

Mind you, it’s been worth it. I’m still a bit nervous being out on the road (yesterday being the farthest I’ve driven since the accident), but I think the new car and I will get along fine.

Jamison has been naming his cars since I’ve known him. His Jetta was Baby, his Audi was Helga, and his BMW is Ebony. He dubbed my car Crayola (for that crayon smell my interior had), and I knew I had to think of a name for this car before he had a chance. I’ve settled on Zeke, after my surrogate grandpa.

And no, this car does not smell like crayons.

in loving memory

Just a little while ago I heard the sad news of Chia’s cat, Schokie, passing away. I can only imagine what she and Novysan are going through.

This flash animation is based on a dog owner, but I think anyone who loves their pets as much as I have can relate to this one:

Out of Sync

I never got to meet you, Schokie, but your mommy and daddy are good people. They couldn’t help but have a good kitty.