I Support Gay Marriage

Not that it was a big secret or anything. I mean, when you’ve got a gay uncle on each side and most of the people stored in your address book on your cell came from Banana Republic, my being a Fag Hag is pretty damn obvious.

Sadly, the Supreme Court of the State of California decided to uphold the decision to keep Proposition 8, which will only recognize a marital union between a man and a woman.

By the way, it’s absolutely no compensation whatsoever that the gay couples who did get married can still remain married.

As disappointed and angry as I am, I’m still going to fight the good fight.


Click on the picture above to show your support. I am eagerly awaiting my 50 stickers to come to me in the mail (easiest and most worthwhile $25 I ever spent).

  1. How is it “no compensation”? The couples that will stay married get to give bigotry a big middle finger every time the state that DOESN’T recognize marriages between same-sex couples HAS TO recognize marriages between same-sex couples. There are 18,000 couples out there twisting the nose of hatred every day when they get to show their valid marriage license to people who tried to make those marriages go away, but were simply unable.

    This is also a big foot in the door for the future, as it’s going to be damned hard for the state to recognize three separate classes of people when the biggest difference between groups B and C is time-based.

  2. The reason I say it’s no compensation is because there are a lot of people out there who hold this opinion: “they just managed to squeak by.”

    I am truly lucky that my family and friends are of a liberal mind. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that a good chunk of other people don’t hold the same views (such as my office). I have to admit, I was completely blind to the rest of the people who live in this state who are very much stereotypical Republican Conservatives.

    During the Presidential Election, I was surprised to see the number of McCain/Palin bumper stickers on the streets, and the number of stickers that were voting for Prop 8 (in LA, mind you!). Even my neighbors on my street had “Yes on Prop 8” and picket signs on their lawns for Republican candidates.

    I do understand your point of view, and totally respect it. But I still stand by my statement. The couples who get to keep their marital status may have won a victory, but it’s not a foot in the door. They’re still being treated as second-class citizens.

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  1. August 4th, 2010