A Message From Your Crash Test Dummy

Yesterday I received an injury settlement from the other party’s insurance company. It turns out that the owner of the car (not the driver) did have insurance, and the company is accepting liability.

Unfortunately, in order to receive said settlement, I had to re-tell the events from the night of the accident.

All that said and done, I now have a decent amount of cash on hand to either buy a used car outright or put a nice down payment on a new car. Seems like I can move on, right?

It’s been my personal experience to find that the downs crowd closely with the ups.

For example:
1. Dinner with friends.
2. Car accident.
3. No major injuries.
4. Court subpoena.
5. Settlements in hand.
6. Blood clot near my left hip.

The last one just popped up as of today. I don’t think it’s anything horribly serious just yet, so I’m not worried. Apart from the bruising (which is mostly healed), I don’t feel any pain whatsoever. The doctor filling in for my primary doctor is sending paperwork over for me to have a couple of scans performed.

I guess I can say that I’m still kind of in shock from everything that’s gone down these past three weeks, so the reality has not come to head. Which is why I can see this in a semi-humerous light:

If I’m going to ever have kids, they’ll be coming from the right ovary, ’cause I’m pretty sure the left one is shot at this point.

  1. They didn’t settle your medical portion did they? Also, the injury is only damage to your car, correct?

  2. The injury settlement is for the one day of work that I missed. I do have a medical allowance as well from the other insurance company. Still waiting to see how everything will turn out.

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