Business First, Safety Second

We Los Angelinos have been quite the attention-getter as of late with all the earthquakes going on. (I mistook the one that happened yesterday in Hawthorne to be a truck rolling down a driveway.) It’s been enough for all of us to start heavily reviewing earthquake safety and survival. And with me being the walking crash test dummy, you bet I’m paying closer attention to things around me.

Today our Security department made an annoucnement over the PA system to announce that they were investigating the nature of the fire alarm that just went off. Shortly after, Security came on again to announce that there was a false alarm and that there was no cause to be worried. I wish I could say that this was a rare occurance, but in an old building almost anything will set off a fire alarm in a certain section of the hotel (I couldn’t hear the alarm, so it must have been somewhere on the guest levels). On the plus side, at least we know it’s working, right?

Unfortunately a group of business people did not see it that way. They’re having an event in our main ballroom and were disturbed enough to send someone down to complain about the disruption. Apparently the announcements were disturbing the group’s meeting and they were incredibly angry that Security had to repeat the message twice. To quote the man who came down to my office, “Tell them to stop it. Just stop it.”

*cough* Um…ok. Sorry we tried to warn you of a possible disaster.

This reminds me of some comments a guest had left during brush fire season. I actually went through my old Livejournal account for this because it was too good to pass up! In the comment section of the standard visit survey, the guest wrote the following:

prevented the fires in San Diego so I could have completed my business trip!!

My apologies. I’ll make sure to prevent the next earthquake too.

I don’t know if that guest was joking or not, but that’s just in bad taste.

I also wasn’t aware that as a member of the Hospitality Working Force, I am omnipotent. I mean, I am potentially responsible for plane crashes and have the power to bring death, but asking me to control the land and weather? That’s just a bit much.

  1. Gosh, with all those responsibilities you should get a raise!

  2. Well, now we all know YOU don’t care enough about customer service to ensure your guests’ comfort and safety WITHOUT inconveniencing them with stupid announcements and natural disasters, we can go about finding another establishment that DOES, and refer these delusional, high-maintenance nitwits to THEM.

  3. What do they pay all-powerful beings?

  4. I guess the easiest thing to say is this: you can’t please everyone.

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