Weekend Recap

bill foundation

Conrad, my favorite of the small dogs, has been adopted. Even though the family looks very nice, and has two other small dogs, I found myself a little bit on the low side because my baby has left me. The one ray of light now in being in the puppy room is that my other favorite, Clyde, is still there (I clung to him and gave him tummy rubs for most of the afternoon – bad habit, I know). And will probably be with me for a little bit longer, since he’s one of our harder dogs to place.

I’m getting ahead of myself. The weekend went as follows:

1. Friday night I had dinner with two co-workers in Manhattan Beach, followed by a dog-sitting gig.
2. Cancelled ukulele in favor of going to see Star Trek.
3. Watched a bit of Be The Marriage Saturday night.
4. Spent some time with the doggies at Bill Foundation on Sunday.
5. Spilled the beans to someone I have a crush on via email. Have I made a complete fool of myself? Probably.

My car settlement payment came through the mail! This means I can begin my car hunt in earnest (opposed to scanning and printing cars I find on dealer websites). Driving around town still makes me a little nervous (still have yet to get out of that 5 mile radius) but I have to say, I miss things that aren’t related to Culver City.

How was your weekend?

Side Note: It’s been brought to my attention that WordPress has been giving some of you a hard time when you make comments. I think I’ve got this fixed, but am not 100% sure. If you have any issues, let me know!

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