Good News, Everyone

My subpoena has been postponed until further notice! I think I can breathe a little easier.

The only thing I have to worry about now (which was brought to my attention by the PO who’s handling the police report) is whether or not the tiny empty bottle of Patron Silver that was in the passenger seat from the Eddie Izzard gig is going to cast a shadow on me. At least the officer was the one who pointed out that people like to keep certain bottles as souveniers.

Lesson learned: when your friends want to keep their mini bottles of liquor after the contents have been drained, make sure they take it home.

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  1. omg. or put all your empties in the trunk after consuming momento booze.

  2. Sad thing is, I completely forgot about it until the PO mentioned it this morning over the phone.

    Forensics can do a test and prove I’m clean. :)

  3. God, I’m classy.