It’s Kinda Like “The Lake House,” But No Sign of Keanu

I can’t believe it’s taken me over a week to write about this.

The evening of the accident, I met up with a bunch of my gay boys for dinner at 8 oz.. I dragged along my IT manager, who’s never been, and suddenly our usual little group became a party of six.

If you haven’t been to 8 oz., it’s a little on the tiny side. Groups of more than four take a little bit of waiting time if the place is busy, but we lucked out when the wooden table became available. Once we sat down, I had to try and get my IT manager mixed into the conversation the rest of us were having. (Unbeknownst to me, he’s very shy around non-work people – something he just revealed as we were crossing the street from Urban Outfitters.) A quick mention of two upcoming concerts and some Mac store gossip and he was warming up in no time.

With me being the only real female (i.e. the one with a vagina), I got kind of bored. And when I get bored, I start fiddling with things.

That’s how I found the little drawer of messages.


Lots and lots of little notes were scribbled on the back of receipts, notebook paper, post its, napkins, and near anything else that could withstand the tip of a ballpoint pen. I brought this to everyone’s attention, and we started digging through the pile. We found some cute ones and some pointless ones.

With full bellies, we were sort of inspired to add our own contribution to the drawer. Unfortunately, after fried olives stuffed with chorizo, half of a tuna melt and half of a short rib grilled cheese, onion rings, and sweet potato chips, none of us were coherent enough to write down something inspirational. So we left it at this:


“The Lake House” has been on cable a lot as of late, and makes me wonder (even though it’s an awful Rom Com) – will the drawer at 8 oz. bring me a note from the love of my life? Will a future note from yours truly start the fires in a young man’s heart?

Probably not. But someone who’s waiting for a note from me in a drawer probably does not make for good dating material.

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