And Now For Something Completely Different…

My last two posts have been mildly depressing, so I’m going to try to take this blog in a different direction.

By announcing that Mother’s Cookies are coming back. Nothing says comfort food like Circus Animals.

Fun fact for you: when I was a kid, I managed to convince myself that the pink ones tasted better and refused to eat the white ones. After a year or so of this, I convinced myself that the other way around was true. Now I eat both colors with no more prejudice.

And I’d like to tell you all about the Dominatrix Convention that’s going to happen at the hotel this weekend.

This is the third year in a row that Dom Con has patroned the hotel. The first year they were here, their event coincided with Easter (nothing celebrates Jesus coming back from the dead like a St. Andrew’s Cross!). Last year it fell on Mother’s Day weekend (“To show my love and affection, Mom, I got you this 10-inch strap-on.”). This year it will again fall on Mother’s Day weekend.

You have to admit that this makes for interesting conversation during the holiday brunches we offer.

Dom Con’s first year had the hotel unprepared. I guess they were thinking along the lines of the Playboy Mansion with small wooden paddles and the teasing line of, “Oh, you’ve been a bad boy.” Instead, they were greeted with black vinyl, trannies, chains, whips, heavy makeup, and an all together different lifestyle choice than most were accustomed to.

Even I was a little thrown on track. I’ve seen gimps in full bodysuits, but not at 1 PM as I’m walking some papers up to the Front Desk.

With Dom Con in our main ballroom, we had several complaints from other guests about the event goers who were in public view. Even our Housekeeping team was uncomfortable and took the long way to get to the cafeteria.

The F&B admin at the time was dressed as the Easter Bunny (she was passing out candy to the offices) and was not only felt up by a girl who was into Furries, but was casually given a room number as well in case she wanted to stop by.

My brush with the convention wasn’t as dramatic. I really, really, really had to use the bathroom, and the office bathroom was never available (no one in my immediate work area wanted to venture out and see the “freaks.”) I decided to make a run for it across the Lower Lobby to use the publick restroom and found that it was filled with convention girls in various shades of costume.

I was the only one who occupied a stall. Some girls were washing their hands, some were reapplying makeup. No one was talking.

Because of what had happened to the F&B admin/Easter Bunny, I suddenly found myself unable to go. The urge was great, but the will was not cooperating.

What if they’re into peeing girls and they’re waiting for me?

Dumb, I know. But it’s a true story.

I loved the comments we received afterwards. Not from the guests who stayed and were offended, but from people who were with the convention, the most common one being that the room they were in was too cold; didn’t we know that there were scantily clad/nekkid people in there? I really wished I could express my sincerest apologies on that and remark that we figured the chill on the skin made for better stings from the whip/paddle/hand.

I have to say that this group is one of the few I look forward to. It’s not so much for the costumes and variety of people that show up, but for the shock factor it puts on my Republican/Conservative co-workers. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing them curl up like old onions to keep away from the former male leader who has since transitioned into a woman.

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