Quiet On The Home Front Part 2

I have to tell you guys that it’s a bit strange being without personal transportation. Times like this I really wish I lived in a city that offers mass public transportation with reload-able fare cards that I can keep in my wallet, just so I can get around to more places. Right now I’m stuck in the suburbs of Culver City; local colors within reasonable walking distance are a coffee house, Samy’s Camera, a Taco Bell, the Apex Aquarium (where I used to get my bettas),the ice skating rink (not an option as that’s my voter’s polling place), a donut shop, McDonald’s, and my middle and high schools (conveniently next door to each other). There used to be a little wine bar just down the street, but I guess it went out of business because the doors have been dark for quite some time.

I’m proud to say that I have been behind the wheel of a car twice since the accident, even if it was only within a 5 mile radius. Longer distances will have to wait – I’ve got quite the corsage going on across my chest from the seat belt. I’m also not entirely thrilled to be driving a mini-van, but the seat belts are fully functional and there are airbags up front.

My beloved Beetle has officially gotten the “Total Loss” stamp from my insurance, so now I’m in the market for another car. Before I was solely concerned about gas milage, but now I’m also heavily looking into crash and safety ratings, along with decent prices. The settlement my insurance company offered is pretty good, and with my tax refund, I’ll be able to either buy it outright in cash or have a very, very tiny car loan to worry about.

I’m in the market for another Beetle, but I keep expecting to see my car. If a dark blue one pops up, I’m immediately disappointed that it does not come with the tan interior (something VW must have discontinued after a few years; all dark blue beetles have either grey or black inside).

For sentimental reasons, my Beetle was the last car that got to have Murphy as a passenger. I was hoping for my car to be able to be transportation for at least another dog (if not two).

I guess the best way to wrap this up is to simply say:

So it goes.

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