Holy – (Or, Safe Happens) Part 2

I haven’t given y’all the complete story of what happened the night of my car accident. Not only did the other driver make a left turn while I was going straight, but he was apparently intoxicated. There was a passenger in his car who was badly hurt and who later passed away. I did not get to see either of these people, as I was sitting on the curb in front of a gas station, trying to figure out where my front license plate might have gone and why my mom disappeared again in her search for a police officer.

Long story short, the other driver is now being charged with murder, and I’m being summoned to court.

Over this past weekend I started having that, “OMG, I could have died” feeling. Most of the week was me thinking “I miss my car” and “When does the stiffness set in?” (the latter still has yet to make an appearance). I think what started to trigger it was the huge number of people sending their well wishes and being thankful that I didn’t die.

I also think that it really sunk in when I thought of Chris. There’s a picture of us from my 25th birthday that kept flashing in my mind shortly after his death, and the eerie realization that there could have been two deceased people in that picture.

I’ve driven twice since the accident, and only within a 5 mile radius of my parents’ house. Luckily the only real discomfort I’m feeling is from the seat belt (it crosses over my brusied areas). Long distances are going to have to wait until I’ve healed a bit more.

Naturally I’m nervous being on the road. My first real attempt to drive after Chris’ death left me shaking – there were 7 car accidents that night; I’d never been so glad to come home in my life. Drivers that try to turn when it’s not their light have me cringing, people who merge lanes without looking over their shoulder or using their turn signals scare the hell out of me.

Now with this subpoena, I’m dreading having to go to court. I’m thrilled that my bruises are healing relatively quickly and that my insurance company has been so quick to send paperwork. I’d prefer to move forward and focus on my car search.

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  1. Holy crap. (I’m sorry to comment in what basically amounts to a soundbite but holy crap.)

  2. Let me know if you need someone to come to court with you, just for moral support. Also let me know if you feel like you need a lawyer, and I’ll help you find one. And anything else you need – shoulder to cry on, referral to a bodyworker (you may find some of the trauma’s been “locked” into your muscles, so certain situations trigger pain or tension), backyard to hide in, whatever – just ask. If I don’t have it, I’ll try to find it for you.

    • deane
    • May 5th, 2009 7:31pm

    what a pain – literal, emotional, and logistical. i would take full advantage of chiropractic care were i you. helps with all of the above.