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When You Realize You Need Variety 1.5

My long-time crush has since become a closed chapter (only because it had the threat of becoming real). With that out of my system, you’d think I’d stop looking at the dark haired, bespectacled male.

My newest crush looks kinda like this:

He knows who he is, if he reads this blog at all.

There’s no hair on this rectangle, but the person in question is a brunette.

Not a true brunette, but damn, he’s hot.

And of course, I still have my other favorites:




steve brady

I Support Gay Marriage

Not that it was a big secret or anything. I mean, when you’ve got a gay uncle on each side and most of the people stored in your address book on your cell came from Banana Republic, my being a Fag Hag is pretty damn obvious.

Sadly, the Supreme Court of the State of California decided to uphold the decision to keep Proposition 8, which will only recognize a marital union between a man and a woman.

By the way, it’s absolutely no compensation whatsoever that the gay couples who did get married can still remain married.

As disappointed and angry as I am, I’m still going to fight the good fight.


Click on the picture above to show your support. I am eagerly awaiting my 50 stickers to come to me in the mail (easiest and most worthwhile $25 I ever spent).

A Message From Your Crash Test Dummy

Yesterday I received an injury settlement from the other party’s insurance company. It turns out that the owner of the car (not the driver) did have insurance, and the company is accepting liability.

Unfortunately, in order to receive said settlement, I had to re-tell the events from the night of the accident.

All that said and done, I now have a decent amount of cash on hand to either buy a used car outright or put a nice down payment on a new car. Seems like I can move on, right?

It’s been my personal experience to find that the downs crowd closely with the ups.

For example:
1. Dinner with friends.
2. Car accident.
3. No major injuries.
4. Court subpoena.
5. Settlements in hand.
6. Blood clot near my left hip.

The last one just popped up as of today. I don’t think it’s anything horribly serious just yet, so I’m not worried. Apart from the bruising (which is mostly healed), I don’t feel any pain whatsoever. The doctor filling in for my primary doctor is sending paperwork over for me to have a couple of scans performed.

I guess I can say that I’m still kind of in shock from everything that’s gone down these past three weeks, so the reality has not come to head. Which is why I can see this in a semi-humerous light:

If I’m going to ever have kids, they’ll be coming from the right ovary, ’cause I’m pretty sure the left one is shot at this point.

Business First, Safety Second

We Los Angelinos have been quite the attention-getter as of late with all the earthquakes going on. (I mistook the one that happened yesterday in Hawthorne to be a truck rolling down a driveway.) It’s been enough for all of us to start heavily reviewing earthquake safety and survival. And with me being the walking crash test dummy, you bet I’m paying closer attention to things around me.

Today our Security department made an annoucnement over the PA system to announce that they were investigating the nature of the fire alarm that just went off. Shortly after, Security came on again to announce that there was a false alarm and that there was no cause to be worried. I wish I could say that this was a rare occurance, but in an old building almost anything will set off a fire alarm in a certain section of the hotel (I couldn’t hear the alarm, so it must have been somewhere on the guest levels). On the plus side, at least we know it’s working, right?

Unfortunately a group of business people did not see it that way. They’re having an event in our main ballroom and were disturbed enough to send someone down to complain about the disruption. Apparently the announcements were disturbing the group’s meeting and they were incredibly angry that Security had to repeat the message twice. To quote the man who came down to my office, “Tell them to stop it. Just stop it.”

*cough* Um…ok. Sorry we tried to warn you of a possible disaster.

This reminds me of some comments a guest had left during brush fire season. I actually went through my old Livejournal account for this because it was too good to pass up! In the comment section of the standard visit survey, the guest wrote the following:

prevented the fires in San Diego so I could have completed my business trip!!

My apologies. I’ll make sure to prevent the next earthquake too.

I don’t know if that guest was joking or not, but that’s just in bad taste.

I also wasn’t aware that as a member of the Hospitality Working Force, I am omnipotent. I mean, I am potentially responsible for plane crashes and have the power to bring death, but asking me to control the land and weather? That’s just a bit much.

Go Girl! (Literally)

Earlier today the Slackmistress wrote a post on a mysterious pink can of Her sitting on on a table. She closed it out with a story about boobs, which is probably something more tasteful than I’m about to share.

Last year my company decided to participate in the Global Corporate Challenge, which is a gimmick to basically get Corporate America off of its ass and walk around a little bit more. This involved wearing a pedometer for 4 months and trying to take about 10,000 steps per day. In groups of 7, you and your team would walk “around the world” and compete with other companies in different countries.

We did this mainly as a dare: boys against girls. My General Manager made up a team of the male department heads and made a bet that they could beat the female department heads and willing female admins. We took up their challenge and even went as far as trying to get some free items to promote our goal and to kick ass.

Long story short, we managed to get about 20 promotional cases of Go Girl energy drinks. They claimed to be sugar free, so I had to really inspect the can to make sure there wasn’t any aspartame in it (that’s a major migraine starter for me). It came out clean and I didn’t get a headache after taking a few sips, but some of the ingredients bothered me. Apart from the multi-syllable words, one ingredient in particular stood out:

Sodium Hexametaphosphate

According to Wikipedia, this agent is used for water softening and to help break down clay. Which means this drink has crap in it that breaks down stuff in your stomach.

Which helped make one of the admins more “regular” (something she admitted in private).

So, Slackmistress, I can tell you with complete honesty that I’d rather have bigger boobs than more bowel movements from my female energy drink.

Weekend Recap

bill foundation

Conrad, my favorite of the small dogs, has been adopted. Even though the family looks very nice, and has two other small dogs, I found myself a little bit on the low side because my baby has left me. The one ray of light now in being in the puppy room is that my other favorite, Clyde, is still there (I clung to him and gave him tummy rubs for most of the afternoon – bad habit, I know). And will probably be with me for a little bit longer, since he’s one of our harder dogs to place.

I’m getting ahead of myself. The weekend went as follows:

1. Friday night I had dinner with two co-workers in Manhattan Beach, followed by a dog-sitting gig.
2. Cancelled ukulele in favor of going to see Star Trek.
3. Watched a bit of Be The Marriage Saturday night.
4. Spent some time with the doggies at Bill Foundation on Sunday.
5. Spilled the beans to someone I have a crush on via email. Have I made a complete fool of myself? Probably.

My car settlement payment came through the mail! This means I can begin my car hunt in earnest (opposed to scanning and printing cars I find on dealer websites). Driving around town still makes me a little nervous (still have yet to get out of that 5 mile radius) but I have to say, I miss things that aren’t related to Culver City.

How was your weekend?

Side Note: It’s been brought to my attention that WordPress has been giving some of you a hard time when you make comments. I think I’ve got this fixed, but am not 100% sure. If you have any issues, let me know!

Where’s the Mystery?

I’ve got to say, being a single girl who primarily networks through the internet for “normal” people is tricky. It’s not so much in trying to find someone to date, but coming across someone who’s comfortable enough to communicate via chat and email in a similar way as they would with people they meet at cocktail parties. (Yes, I realize that libations probably help more. But still…)

As of late it almost seems like guys aren’t really trying to keep the mystery any more when they try to hit a girl up. Traditional roles say that I should be the one who makes the guy work for it, but there have been a few occasions where the guy lays it all out on the table before we’ve even talked enough to call it a date. Example from last summer at The Rack in Woodland Hills:

Cute guy (before he got trashed): I’m going to take you home and eat you out so hard…

Me: Shhh…save that for the second date. I like to keep the mystery.

That one wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

I realize that it’s hard to go up to complete strangers and start conversation with them. I didn’t really feel comfortable doing that until I started working hospitality, so the person you’ve interacted with as of late didn’t blossom until about 5 years ago. And the only thing that got me going is that I got tired of being the wallflower and relying on others to make the introduction for me. But there’s something to be said of a man of mystery.

That’s why I’m put off by this “ice breaker” of an email:

My name is [Guy From the Internet]. I am [in my late 20’s]. I am a good man with a good head on his shoulders. I am honest, sincere, trustworthy, kindhearted, passionate, good looking, straightforward, open minded, upright, laidback, and always a happy person. I have a good sense of humor and will make you laugh a lot. I am adventureous. I am fun loving. I listen to 50’s,60’s, 70’s classic rock and oldies, some 80’s classic rock, jazz, blues, reggae and alternative. I love to sing and dance. I write my own song lyrics. I like watching all kinds of movies. I like going to concerts, clubs, the movies, and amusement parks. I like playing tennis, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. I like hiking, bike riding, and riding the waves. I love to cook. I love to travel. I looked at your profile and liked what I saw. I like to do a lot of the same things for fun and like some of the same music artists as you. Let’s get to know each other. Let’s have coffee sometime. Where in Los Angeles are you? I am [slightly farther away from you]. Let’s meet in between. Email me at [someemailaddress] or better still call me at my cell [(555)555-5555].

What, no medical information? How am I supposed to know if my blood type is compatible with yours if we decided to get hitched and have kids?

Don’t mind me, kiddos. That’s just the smart ass in me coming out.

This one is slightly better, but not by much:

hiya miss kae;)
i’m housesitting in culver city and booooored lol
looking for a cute tall boytoy?
message me sometime!
you’re absolutely beautiful

No mind games, no advertising of his future plans, and at least I don’t have to worry about commitments.

Maybe I should rephrase my disinterest in meeting someone through the drawer at 8 oz and make the public statement that I’m open to the possibility.

Ha. Yeah, right.

There’s nothing wrong in keeping a little bit of mystery. That’s part of the fun in discovering and developing relationships with others. Even though the Slackmistress announced my personal status, and even though I told the viewers that I shower naked about 47 or so minutes into the webcast, I still leave a little bit of sleuthing for the rest of you.

Live Show @ L’Keg: It Doesn’t Get More Artsy Than This


My good friend, Miss Pam Shaffer, will be performing with two other talented musicians tomorrow night at L’Keg. A $5 donation at the door for original songs, new art, and making new friends.

I love these people, if it counts for anything. I’m pretty sure you will too.

Good News, Everyone

My subpoena has been postponed until further notice! I think I can breathe a little easier.

The only thing I have to worry about now (which was brought to my attention by the PO who’s handling the police report) is whether or not the tiny empty bottle of Patron Silver that was in the passenger seat from the Eddie Izzard gig is going to cast a shadow on me. At least the officer was the one who pointed out that people like to keep certain bottles as souveniers.

Lesson learned: when your friends want to keep their mini bottles of liquor after the contents have been drained, make sure they take it home.

It’s Kinda Like “The Lake House,” But No Sign of Keanu

I can’t believe it’s taken me over a week to write about this.

The evening of the accident, I met up with a bunch of my gay boys for dinner at 8 oz.. I dragged along my IT manager, who’s never been, and suddenly our usual little group became a party of six.

If you haven’t been to 8 oz., it’s a little on the tiny side. Groups of more than four take a little bit of waiting time if the place is busy, but we lucked out when the wooden table became available. Once we sat down, I had to try and get my IT manager mixed into the conversation the rest of us were having. (Unbeknownst to me, he’s very shy around non-work people – something he just revealed as we were crossing the street from Urban Outfitters.) A quick mention of two upcoming concerts and some Mac store gossip and he was warming up in no time.

With me being the only real female (i.e. the one with a vagina), I got kind of bored. And when I get bored, I start fiddling with things.

That’s how I found the little drawer of messages.


Lots and lots of little notes were scribbled on the back of receipts, notebook paper, post its, napkins, and near anything else that could withstand the tip of a ballpoint pen. I brought this to everyone’s attention, and we started digging through the pile. We found some cute ones and some pointless ones.

With full bellies, we were sort of inspired to add our own contribution to the drawer. Unfortunately, after fried olives stuffed with chorizo, half of a tuna melt and half of a short rib grilled cheese, onion rings, and sweet potato chips, none of us were coherent enough to write down something inspirational. So we left it at this:


“The Lake House” has been on cable a lot as of late, and makes me wonder (even though it’s an awful Rom Com) – will the drawer at 8 oz. bring me a note from the love of my life? Will a future note from yours truly start the fires in a young man’s heart?

Probably not. But someone who’s waiting for a note from me in a drawer probably does not make for good dating material.