Holy – (Or, Safe Happens)

I was in a car accident last night. I took my IT manager with me to dinner and then dropped him off back at work. On my way home, going east on La Tijera to catch the 405 North. There was a loud crunch and my airbags deployed.

After the shock of getting out and being asked by people if I was okay, those VW commercials for the Jetta a while back came to mind:

Thank goodness for witnesses. I have no idea what happened, but I was told by three different people that a car had cut me off making a left turn.

The paramedics and the LAPD were surprised that I didn’t have much more than some bruising and some skin irritation (I used the term “stingy” when asked how I was feeling).

My car most likely is totalled, as is the other car. I feel that not only did the airbags and seatbelt help save me, but my Beetle’s incredibly deep dashboard probably protected me from getting really hurt. I am incredibly thankful that no glass from my car shattered and that no bones are broken. The worst of my injuries is a large meat bruise near my left hip.

I’m also thankful for my mom coming to the accident site. I was really shaken up after the whole thing and could barely sign my name on the police report. She thought to take down the license plate number, the police officer’s name and badge number, and ask questions.

I’ve always been a pro-seat belt girl, but now I will sing its praises to every single person I meet.

I am also hoping that I’ll find another used Beetle in a decent price range. After last night, I don’t really trust being in other cars.

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  1. Oh I am so glad you are ok!