I’m Almost Crazy Enough To Do It

Yesterday I mentioned to a newly made acquaintence that I had just baked banana bread, and asked if he would like any.

Mind you, this person lives in Oakland. However, he said yes, so I asked him what the fastest method of delivery would be.

He said hand delivery, clearly.

I asked him if he’d be awake at midnight.

He said yes and then asked why.

I told him that that would be the earliest the bread would arrive.

He asked me how serious I was being.

I said that I’d send someone up there.

Unless that was a dare for me to actually drive up and personally deliver baked goods.

He said that it was a tempting idea.

And I almost went to Oakland, just because I like going on spur-of-the-moment car trips.

What stopped me isn’t so much the craziness of the idea – it’s the realization that I’d have to stop somewhere at night in the middle of the state of California to get gas (I can get about 320 miles on a full tank, but it’s over 500 from LA to Oakland).

If it were earlier in the day, maybe…

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