I ♥ James Spader

Last week I got together with the Slackmistress and NoirBettie for a quick dinner at 8 oz. It wasn’t anything special, just a few ladies gathering together to partake of fabulous food and libations and gossip.

In the booth next to us were a couple of guys, one in his late teens/early 20’s and another one who looked to be in his 40’s. The younger one looked a lot like a friend of mine, but since I didn’t have my glasses on, I couldn’t really pick up the details of his face. Once I had clearer vision, I was slightly disappointed to see that the kid in question was not my friend. The pick-me-up was that the older guy was handsome, and better yet, bespectacled.

Closer inspection revealed that the attractive man was, in fact, James Spader.

Day 99

This has been the first time I’ve ever had a random celebrity sighting on a celeb I’d love to take to bed.

The problem in seeing a celebrity in person is that you need confirmation. I leaned over to the Slackmistress and quietly asked, “Is that James Spader?”

She glanced over and replied, “I think so.”

NoirBettie turned around, glanced at him, and then narrowed her eyes on me.

“I’ve had a crush on him longer than you have, but I’ll let you have him since you’re still single.”

All in all it was a good night. I got to see two ladies I rarely see in real time and I had a James Spader viewing. *swoon*

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