Best Work-Related April Fool

Corporate America people are not that creative when it comes to pranks. More often than not it’s the removal of a stapler or the phone getting unplugged so you can’t make calls.

It helps when you work with someone who celebrates Halloween to its fullest; you know for sure that something will go down on April 1st. And she got me and the IT department good last year.

I have a snazzy wireless keyboard and mouse on my desk at work. The biggest downfall of these two is that I don’t really know when the batteries need to be recharged until one or the other stops working completely. So on April 1, 2008, I figured this happened when my mouse stopped working.

Of course, I was going to troubleshoot as much as possible before I went to Prop Ops to get new batteries. I shook it, I double checked the cables for the router to the keyboard and mouse, restarted the computer, and readjusted the position of said router in case of obstruction.

No dice.

I realized the inevidable and got up to get batteries. And it wasn’t until I flipped the mouse over did I see this covering the laser:

Day 92: April Fool

At first I thought IT had played this joke on me, because one of them had been hovering around my desk. When I called to say, “Haha guys, real funny,” I was told that the same thing happened down in their office.

It turns out that the Halloween Diva had taken the liberty of creating the stickers and going around to our desks to screw with us.

It was a pretty funny work joke. The sad part is, I know she only did this to about 3 other people besides myself, because no one else would have gotten the gist of it. :\

P.S.Happy half-birthday, Paula Bergan!

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