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script frenzy

script frenzy

I signed up for this. It should keep me out of trouble this month, especially since I am getting a few pennies back from the Federal Government (CA has yet to be calculated).

Unlike National Novel Writing Month, I won’t get caught struggling for mundane ideas to fill up the pages. My script will be a series of short films whose stories will be based on whatever free iTune song is available for the week, regardless if I like it or not.

So figure it’s about 4 songs for the month of April, which will be 4 short films, which breaks down to about 25 minutes (pages) apiece. This shouldn’t be too bad. My scriptwriting class in college asked for a 30-page script by the end of the 16 week semester and I managed to crank out two shorts based on Haruki Murakami stories.

Fun fact: somehow I managed to get a A in the class, despite the fact that I didn’t show up for “finals” and that my story line was too “abstract” for it to be sold in Hollywood.

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