Friendship Is…

…when you answer the phone around 22:30 PST (01:30 EST) because one of your best friends in NYC calls and you think someone’s died.

Or because (and I know Will can appreciate this) your best friend thinks she has a mouse living in her kitchen.

Due to the fact that my roommate goes to bed on the early side, I am now used to things shutting down around the house by 9:30 at the latest on weekdays. Anything that happens afterwards has me thinking that either someone died or I’m required to rush to a hospital. Which is why I panicked when my phone rang.

To kind of ease her fear on hearing that little scratch-scratch in walls, I shared some bits on how Will came across a mouse in his kitchen and nearly died* and my own unsuccessful attempts to get my lab to at least scare the mice in the house. I also warned her not to get those poisoned food pellets, because the mice will always die in inconvenient places (such as in the wall close-enough-but-not-at-the-vent; nothing’s worse than smelling rotten mouse for two weeks).

We ended with the conclusion that she should borrow a friend’s cat and that eventually she should switch out the cat with a chihuahua.

*I don’t know if Will nearly died, but it seemed pretty damn sure that he was close to having a heart attack.

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