How To Read Your Hair

Blondes may have more fun, but I enjoy having dark hair. Not only is it a color that goths and indie kids strive for, but it makes almost any hair accessory stand out vividly.

The downside of having things stand out with dark hair? White hair. It’s always a nasty surprise to see one stand out amongst my locks. And since I am temporarily without a dog, it means that those white hairs do indeed belong to me.

Yesterday I caught sight of one while washing my hands at work. I went ahead and plucked it out, only to be shocked at what I saw: only the bottom half of the strand was white.

This strand was probably eight inches long, so four of those inches were stark white. The rest on up were black as the Ace of Spades. Which got me thinking: “What the hell happened to me where I stressed out enough to have white hair?”

Really good hair growth is about an inch a month. My hair grows fast, so I figure that strand was about eight months of history. And where the white starts would have been around November. Four months before November would have been July. And July was pretty damn stressful: Murphy had passed away in June, my first-grade desk neighbor drowned in Panama, depression medication dosage was increased, the office had to be packed up for Feng Shui renovations, and I dinged my car in the parking garage. That’s enough to make hair go white and take four months to go back to normal.

Anyone else have this happen to them? I’ve even had the occasional black, white, and black strand pop up.

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