Genes Makes Strange Bedfellows

For the most part, I hate being short and stumpy. (I’d add pasty to that list, but that’s my own fault. There are no windows in my office and I rarely make it outside during the weekends.)

It’s weird how certain genes take over and certain genes don’t. Most of the time it seems that the undesirable genes are dominant and the ones you’d kill babies for are deeply embedded into your genetic structure and would only appear if a nuclear disaster happened (i.e., I’d have extra arms, but I can hope for that willowy frame I’ve always wanted).

For example, take my parents: two completely different body shapes and heights. My dad’s side is supposedly on the tall side (I’ve never met them and they’re all in Japan) and my mom’s side has your typical short and squat Japanese build. At one point they thought I would take after my dad since I was a good deal taller than my cousins and most of the kids in my class. It seemed like a fair trade: instead of having my grandma’s long neck, I’d at least have height.

Then my reproductive system kicked in super early and decided I was tall enough. Basically, I reached full height after 7th grade.

When I was younger, I definitely looked like my dad. Nowadays I’m starting to take after my mom, but there’s still a good hint of my dad in my face.

However, my biggest complaint: where the hell did my grandma’s features go?

Grandma's modeling pics

It’s almost like my other grandma’s genes (i.e. short and stumpy) kicked in.

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