My Car’s Having Attention Issues

The entry was accidentally erased, but I’m sure quite a few of you recall that I was without a car for almost a week. On a warm MLK weekend, my engine overheated and my car ceased to function (this is also the weekend where I mailed off my final car payment). A call to AAA proved that it was more than just a dead battery, so I had to have my car towed to the Volkswagen in Santa Monica. To my horror, my car had a warped piece of metal in the engine, which was going to cost me $2300. (Yes, it’s a lot of money, but the guy made it sound like it was either that or get another car. And with this economy, I just don’t have the kind of cash available for another used Beetle.) I also needed tires and an oil change, so my grand total came out to $3200.

Day 19
My car in happier times.

After spending that kind of money on my car, you’d think the drama would be over for the year. However, as Murphy’s Law goes, something else was bound to happen: my car got hit while parked in the valet section of my workplace.

I’m extremely lucky to have parked by the security camera that day. It also helps that the time frame was only 8 hours and the two Security guys are some of my favorite swing shift people. Usually it takes about 2-3 days before I hear anything, but when you’re tight with Security, you get results.

At first I tried to convince myself that the damage wasn’t that bad. However, three estimates (the highest one being just over $800) has proved otherwise.

Not looking forward to being separated from my car again, but at least I’m not the one dishing out the money.

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