Weekend Recap

It’s been a long time since a weekend has drained me so completely. I owe it to the amount of driving I had to do and the crazy summer-like weather.

I had cancelled my ukulele lesson for Saturday, which left me with a LOT of time on my hands. That’s fine, I can do laundry and watch the rest of The L Word.

My plans changed on Thursday night when my friend Jennifer posted on Facebook that she was drunk after one drink (Stoli Blackberry and tonic, if I’m not mistaken) at home. I quickly text messaged her to poke fun, which lead to a phone call, which lead to me potentially driving down to Ladera Ranch for a 2-year old girl’s birthday party (and seeing Jen, of course!) that Saturday afternoon.

Little kid parties crack me up, especially if the kids are under 5. So much running around, easily hurt feelings (magnified when you’re getting tired), so many sticky fingers…add on the tension caused by the recent child abduction attempt in the area and you’ve got my party experience between 2 and 4:30 PM.

I had tentative plans to have dinner with my friend Monica, but one of her chronic migraines kicked in so I had the rest of the day free. Jennifer had asked if I could stay for dinner and mentioned that she had a couple of steaks from one of her husband’s clients. :D

My grandma’s actual birthday was on Friday but we had planned a luncheon for her on Sunday so her church friends and other family relatives could celebrate with us. I get a kick out of being around these old people, especially when they’re clinging more to the Japanese part of Japanese-American. One of the highlights was being complimented by one of the older church ladies (she said I was beautiful).
Due to family obligations for the past two Sundays, I haven’t been able to make it to the Healthy Spot for the weekly dogs are very much a part of my life now and it’s a huge disappointment for me when I can’t make it. I think karma realized this and made it possible for me to get some time with Bailey, the Akita/Chow mix that lives 3 houses away from my parents. I exchanged tummy rubs for kisses.

Afterwards I was struck by a migraine. Took my usual cocktail of Advil and a Coke and slept it off at my parents’ house. Came home to find out my roommate had run off to Vegas for the night with a new boyfriend and had returned about an hour before I did.

Decided to close out my weekend with a blog post on how I “made it” on the Lesbian Matrix on The L Word.

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