This Is How Rumors Get Started

Having just completed the entire American “Queer As Folk” series via Netflix, I figured I might as well get the lesbian aspect and am currently going through the first season of “The L Word.” Even though it’s all acting, I enjoy getting a deeper perspective of the lesbian community. I was exposed to gay men much earlier than gay women, so I’m starting to pick up new terms and attitudes. Plus I can relate a little bit better with PMS issues and authentic feminine fashion as opposed to blow jobs and bubble butts.

Last night I was watching the very last episode of the first season while waiting for a load of laundry to hit the rinse cycle (damn you, fabric softener, for making my life complicated). I was emotionally wrecked to see Bette and Tina’s relationship on the rocks and grieved when Tina listed Bette’s infidelity on the Lesbian Matrix board.

And then I saw something in the lower part of the screen:

lesbian matrix

Here it is again in case you missed it:

lesbian matrix

That’s right. I “made” it onto the Lesbian Matrix. Without my knowledge.

My full name isn’t spelled the traditional way; the spelling my parents chose actually saves you some letters and one syllable. During my time at school, very few Catherines/Katherines existed with the “-ryn” ending. In fact, for years I was never able to find personalized license plates with my name and had to settle for “Katie.” (You can only imagine how frustrating it was to see your friends find everything under the sun with their name on it, and I’d have to pick the one closest to my name.) It’s only been in the past 8 years or so where I’ve been able to get generic “personalized” souveniers that have the correct spelling of my full and formal name. So of course I was laughing hard at this discovery. And had to take a picture.

The last encounter I had with the lesbian community was shortly after I attended the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Club at Santa Monica College. Amber, my first lesbian friend, was too scared to go by herself and made me go with her. A couple of weeks later she ran into one of the female members at a girlie bar, who told Amber she thought I was cute and asked if I was seeing anyone.

I should have gotten her name. Maybe she was one of the writers that came up with names for the show.

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