Dog Noses

dog-noseHi. My name is theletterkae and I’m addicted to dog noses.

I am fascinated with the dog nose. It’s the shape, the way it changes color over time, and how it gets cold and wet when the dog is getting ready to sniff. I love placing my index finger on a dog nose, followed with me saying “Beep.” I love that little spot between the nose and the muzzle; when you kiss it, you get a feeling of soft fuzz and a slight chill.

It cracks me up to do that to a small dog, as my index finger nearly coveres the entire nose. With Whiskey and Murphy, there was absolutely no chance of that happening.


Murphy & I

You know what the best part was? Nuzzling your nose in the space between their eyes and feeling their nose tap you on the chin.

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    • Ben
    • August 31st, 2011 11:25pm

    Hi i am also amazed by dogs noses you can have a look at my pics here