I Used To Be Talented (sort of)

I remember my senior year of high school. Apart from the crappy cliques that were forming all around me (that left me feeling out of place), I was really enjoying myself: no more Spanish classes, the ability to go off-campus during lunch, being able to drop 6th period for a community college class, and finally being able to take a photography class.

My first shots that came out were so-so: how I envisioned them were not how they turned out. But as time went on, it got a little bit better. Somehow I managed to get an A in the class (although I’m not 100% sure if my teacher was up-to-snuff on the composition aspect) and moved into the next level of photography classes. I put together a calendar as my end-of-semester project and even had some of my other shots displayed on the wall.

I was at my parents’ house a couple of weeks ago, looking for something in the spare bedroom they’d converted into a very cramped office space. One of the piles had a blue 3-ring binder with several sheets of something inbetween. At first I thought it was one of my old AP binders, but came to realize that it was a collection of the last set of shots I ever took.

The picture above is one of the shots I used for the calendar I made. The shot isn’t great, but it’s not bad. It was one of the few I got tons of compliments on.

b&w oldies

My friend Monica was recognized as the girl in the bathtub with the [fake] martini for weeks after I displayed this picture on the board.

b&w oldies

This was my “face shot” of my friend Chloe for an assignment. It’s actually not that bad in terms of composition, but the contrast could have been better.

In looking at these pictures, I find that I don’t hate them as much as I thought. However, I miss the time I had to devote to my creativity. And I feel like my current pics don’t quite match up to the attempts I made back then.

Maybe it’s a sign to break out the film again and see what comes of it.

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