Commentary On Kids These Days

Chiquita brand bananas have been coming up with some pretty catchy lines on their stickers as of late. Silly things like “Potasi-yum!” bring a smile to my face and to my roommate’s as well. (Sometimes we even go as far to compare which sticker we got after making a run over to Trader Joe’s.)

Last week I got stuck with jury duty, so my grocery schedule got thrown off a bit. To compensate for the crappy cafeteria food offered by the courthouse, I’d stop by Pavillions to see if they had sales on ice cream. And bananas (you know, to balance out my dietary habits).

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized my normally fun/cheesy Chiquita sticker was pretty lame:


Seriously? You have to put ads on stickers for kids to be spontaneously silly? When I was little, you didn’t have to tell me twice about putting stickers on my head. And I always felt compelled to up the ante by running around, announcing that I’ve got a sticker on my forehead.

You know it’s a sad state of affairs when kids have to be reminded by their fruit to be a little bit goofy. Sure, I would have been thrilled to own the Wii instead of my NES, but I kind of doubt I would have the over-active imagination I own today.

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